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Programs We Support

HBEF collaborates with the View and Valley Principals as well as Superintendent Escalante to determine the best use for the dollars raised through Annual Giving and HBEF. Although it would be great to fund all the programs in jeopardy and recently cut out of our school program, financially it is not possible. The following programs were labeled as having the greatest need and impacting the most students.

Class Size Preservation (K-3)

Funding one additional teacher for each of our youngest grades allows teachers to spend more time on individualized instruction. This is paramount in these pivotal years of early education.

Music (1-5)

Releasing creativity that extends far beyond the music classroom, weekly music lessons build musicianship in every learner through the integration of music, movement, speech, and drama. In the music classroom, children begin with what they do instinctively: play!  Imitation, experimentation, and personal expression occur naturally as students become confident, life-long musicians and creative problem solvers.

Libraries (K-8)

Libraries promote a love of reading, learning and discovery. Many libraries, sadly, have closed due to cuts in funding. Ours continue to be a bustling environment of learning.

Physical Education (1-5)

Children need to move to learn. Research points to a strong relationship between physical activity and academic success. Plus, our trained PE teachers help our children develop their confidence, coordination and team skills.

SPARKS (1-3) & IDEA Lab (4-5)

Learning through fun, hands-on projects helps students understand the world of science. Experiments conducted in the lab promote scientific curiosity in a way that cannot be achieved from textbook learning.

Middle School Electives (6-8)

Our middle school students have a diverse and stimulating curriculum to choose from, keeping them competitive with their peers from neighboring districts. All middle schoolers have art and tech classes, but can also opt for journalism, drama, public speaking and foreign language.

21st Century Curriculum & Technology (K-5)

Technology provides students as well as teachers with the tools needed to support learning over all subjects and the Common Core State Standards. Our students will capitalize on the opportunities that technology offers to broaden their educational experience.