Grandparents Club

Hermosa Beach has the great tradition of supporting exceptional education and we are hoping to pass that tradition on from generation to generation. That’s what the Grandparents Club is all about! If there is one thing you have earned, it’s the right to brag a little!

Not only for Grandparents! Aunts, uncles, extended family and friends are welcome too! From Hermosa Beach, to New York and everywhere in between, thank you HBEF Grandparents Club!

Tap your IRA for the HBEF!

Seniors age 70 and older who have more money in their IRAs than they need can avoid higher tax bills by transferring up to $100,000 tax-free from their IRAs directly to charity. Although the contribution isn’t deductible, it counts toward your minimum distribution for the year, so it will lower your adjusted gross income (AGI).
— As reported in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, December 2013


School Year 2017-2018
(Donations through 5/11/18)

Todd & Linda Allen
Pamela Ashe
David & Carol Berkowitz
Barry & Barbara Boughton
Lynn Gibson
Karen Griffith
Jon & Susan Inskeep
Gregory Johnson
James & Judith Johnson
Jean Kabealo
Susan & Leo Kiely

Cathy Lewis
Arthur Lombardi
Gayle Lombardi
Rebecca Lowell
Greg Malaby
Larry & Peggy Mastrangelo
Vickie Montgomery
Navin, Haffty and Associates
Carol Neer
Charles & Lina Poffenbarger
Patty Preteroti

Lee Posluszny
Joan Rapone
Beverly Ricketts
Claudia Rose
Barbara Roth
Deirdre Saracino
Pattie Siegel
Marta Sills
Thomas & Marie Starr
James Tasker
Charlene Voge
Ralph & Bonnie Wiktor