Grandparents Club

Hermosa Beach has a great tradition of supporting exceptional education. Our Grandparent’s Club is one example of a base of support which extends beyond our community into the hearts and minds of extended family.

We invite you to reach out to your parents or extended family to help keep our little beach school the best learning environment for our children.

Attached here is a letter that your children can personalize and send to their grandparents to help support their full academic potential.

Payments can be made:

    • online at by credit card
    • or via a check made out to “Hermosa Beach Education Foundation” mailed to:
      Hermosa Beach Education Foundation
      Attn: Annual Giving
      PO Box 864
      Hermosa Beach, CA, 90254

    Remember to include your grandchild’s name with your donation.

Why support HBEF

  • Hermosa Beach is the 5th lowest-funded elementary district in California
  • HBEF contributes between 8-10% of the district’s budget to provide special academic programs that are vital to our children’s education.
  • Hermosa Beach receives a base level of state funding per pupil enrolled in the district. Other school districts receive additional money for English learners, foster children, and children who qualify for lunch assistance. Hermosa Beach does not meet these criteria to receive supplemental funding.
  • Property taxes do contribute a portion of our overall education funding, but they are combined with state and federal funds and distributed to all California districts according to the needs of the student population.
  • 100% of Annual Giving donations are tax-deductible and go to the district to cover costs for next school year’s enrichment classes.

Donate to HBEF from your IRA

  • If you have a traditional IRA, at age 72, you must start taking IRA required minimum distributions (RMD) every year or face tax penalties. You may donate directly from your IRA up to $100,000.
  • Friends and family 70 ½ or older can make qualified charitable distributions (QCD) to satisfy all or part of the amount of their required minimum distribution (RMD)IRS Fact Sheet. With a QCD, a check is sent from the IRA to the charity. The donor is therefore able to exclude the amount from their taxable income.Forbes

We encourage consultation with a tax consultant prior to making any transactions. Questions: email

TIP: If you want to support HBEF without dipping into your cash reserves, think about donating appreciated assets such as stocks or privately held business interests directly This strategy can eliminate capital gains taxes you’d incur by selling assets separately before donating the cash, therefore ensuring that your intended charity receives the full value of the asset.

What enrichment classes do my donations support

Last year’s HBEF donations funded this year’s elementary grade programs like SPARKS and IDEA lab, librarians at both Vista and View, music, and smaller class sizes. For the middle school, HBEF funded STEAM (science, tech, engineering, art, and music), and middle school electives such as Art, Band, and Spanish.

These programs would not be in the classroom without your investment in HBEF.

Donate to your grandchildren’s education


Todd & Linda Allen
Pamela Ashe
Susan Barnum
Robert Barnum
David & Carol Berkowitz
Barry & Barbara Boughton
Carolyn & Alan Chalmers
John & Jeanine Cushman
Chuck & Fran Earhart
George Garcia
Lynn Gibson
Gabriel & Stephanie Goshtigian
Annette Graw
Karen Griffith
Jon & Susan Inskeep
Gregory Johnson
James & Judith Johnson
Jean Kabealo
Susan & Leo Kiely
Cathy Lewis
Arthur Lombardi
Gayle Lombardi
Rebecca Lowell

Greg Malaby
James & Janet Malone
Larry & Peggy Mastrangelo
J. Scott & Gail Matthews
Janice Miller
Keiko Monahan
Vickie Montgomery
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Gabriele Palmer
Bill & Audrey Partridge
Jon & Sally Pelmear
Bill & Catherine Perez
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Mary Anne Rahm
Joan Rapone
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Beverly Ricketts
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Karen Sue Schulte
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Harold & Shirley Sheinkopf
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Kendall & Pat Snider
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