Annual Appeal

EVERYONE Gives, Because EVERYONE Benefits!

The Annual Appeal is the HBEF’s fund-raising effort to help bridge the gap between inadequate state funding and the funds needed to ensure excellence in education. Your generous donations help fund programs that otherwise wouldn’t exist and empower us to advocate on behalf of your children, your teachers and your community.

California School funding has gone from first to worst in the nation and the Annual Appeal is trying to close the gap by giving 100% of the monies raised to our schools to fund these programs: science labs and libraries, maintain smaller class sizes and middle school electives like Journalism and Drama, Technology and Art.

Excellence in Education requires an investment on all of our parts, for the betterment of our schools, for the betterment of our children. While we suggest a donation of $1000 per student, a donation in any amount is greatly needed and sincerely appreciated. We need 100% participation for the Annual Appeal to succeed.