Incorporated in 1992 as a 501(c)(3), the Hermosa Beach Education Foundation (HBEF) is a fund-raising organization for Hermosa Beach public schools. Operated 100% by volunteers, our focus is to meet the school district’s educational needs by funding instructional programs in science, technology, foreign language and other subjects. HBEF enhances our schools by funding programs not paid for by the state. The >$1M raised by HBEF each year makes a significant difference in our schools and helps bridge the gap between government funding and providing a high quality education to our students.

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What your investment supported

Class size preservation (K-8):  Additional teachers for classrooms, equally important whether we are in person or virtual. This is more critical than ever with less state funding coming and no state class maximums in grades 4-8. HBEF funding also helps ensure our TK-3 class sizes stay at or below 24 kids per class.

Distance Learning support (K-8): To strengthen the learning experience, HBEF is funding a distance learning platform and curriculum for grades K-8, as well as, continued google certification for teachers.

Social-emotional support: Supporting full-time counselors at View & Valley this year.

STEM classes: IDEA Lab, Steam & Tech. (SPARKS will continue as a Lunch Club during virtual learning, allowing parents with younger children that need more help to opt-in if their schedules allow).

Music Instruction: Four years ago HBEF funding was able to bring music back to grades 1-3, and three years ago to grades 4-8 after multiple years of no music instruction across all grades. Weekly music classes now exist for students in grades 1-5 and MS Band (6-8), giving our students another opportunity for learning while virtual or in person.

Academic Support & Intervention: Supporting academic growth with a credentialed teacher, using small groups or one on one to work on developing reading proficiency.

Spanish: Open to eighth grade students giving them the benefit of Spanish I before entering High School.

Middle School Electives:  Art, Band, STEAM, Tech, Digital Literacy, Drama & Digitial multimedia.

Physical Education (1st-5th): Keeping our students moving and advocating a healthy lifestyle that helps improve their well-being and academic success.

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