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Annual Appeal Donors

2016–2017 School Year (7/1/16–1/31/17)

Caaren Abbott
Susan Agostinelli
Albarian Family
Melis Alkin
Ron and Joan Arias
Fred Arjani
Stacey & Matthew Armato
Shelley Arredondo
Marie & James Avila
Heather & Paul Baboolal
The Bailey Family
Chio & Jennifer Baldocchi
The Belden Family
Carol and David Berkowitz
Carrie Anne & Deron Blevins
The Brewer Family
Dan and Victoria Brill
The Brogi Family
Dennis & Bobbi Brown
Tim and Kate Bruning
The Burger Family
Vincent Busam
Brent & Jennifer Buchsbaum
The Busse Family
Michael & Cindy Butler
Emily Caldwell
Mr. James Michael Canty
Carroll Property Inspections
Analyn Cates
Peter & Verna Chao
Chris Chen & Jennifer Chen
Jason Clark
The Cohn Family
Mike Collins
Brian Cooley
Amy Cooper
Victor Coutin
Bob & Lilia Couture
The Coyes
Rina Culligan
Stewart & Louisa Cushman
The deBeer family
The DeRenzis Family
The Derhake Family
Simone, Cary & Madison Hanlon
The Dougher Family
Michael & Nichole Downes
The Dreyer Family
Robert Dunn
Mary Eno
Patricia Escalante
Matthew Faulk
Shruthi & Shawn Fielder
Fix Family
Mike & Cindy Flynn
Gum Tree Shop and Cafe
Jennifer & David Forier
Joshua and Maria Franco
Ruben & Charlene Frias
The Gardner Family
Jessica Geiger
Megan Gerst
The Gin Family
Steve Golob & Laura Arciniega

Patrick and Mary Goshtigian
Gabriel & Stephanie Goshtigian
Carol Graham
The Haight Family
Tom Hamilton & Estelle Langholz
Kathryn Hanna & Kurt Hecker
PJ, Dan and Dylan Kircher
Harris Family
The Harrison Family
Ryan and Emily Hegenberger
Herbert Family
Megan & Wes Hildyard
Hilt Family
Jessica & Paul Hinkle
Andrew & Megan Hirsch
Hogan Family
Sonya Hoover
Christina Hull-Aboukinane
Daniel Inskeep
Atsushi / Michiko Ishida
Jeffery & Evelyn Jacobson
Angela Martin Jones
Monique & Rocky Jones
The Kabealo Family
Cheryl & Brad Kahnamoui
Cindy & Andrew Kehagiaras
Kelleher Family
Jessica & Steve Kernochan
Kiely Family
Gail Kiely
Kiger Family
Kimble family
Candy Kirby & Carl Engle
The Kjar Family
Kluthe Family
Bob and Karen Knapp
The Konis Family
The Kuppinger Family
The Lanza Family
Marcus Garcia II
Brian Ledermann
Andrew and Terri Leighton
W.S. Lemmer, Jr.
The Lindsay Family
William & Kimberly Lindsey
Chris and Tracy Lombardi
Debra Luckey
Joe & Amy Lunzer
Jennifer & Gil Luria
Malicse Family
Brian & Ali Malone
Eric Marseglia
Parents of Marina Ramos
Michael Mastrangelo
Matt and Sarah Matzen
Matt and Sarah Matzen
Tracy & Jason Mausser
The Maycon Family
Stephen & Erica McCall
Dana and Mike Miller
Jeffrey & Alissa Miller
Jon Miller
Tiffani  Miller
Kirk & Linsey Miller
The Miner Family
The Molod Family
Steven & Shauna Mullins

Ari and Heather Nagler
Nancy and Afsheen Nehoray
The Newman Family
Lena & Makoto Noguchi
Steve Hinrichs and Heather Olson
Mike and Tara Owen
Parker Family
Kevin & Suzanne Parsons
David & Nicole Perez
The Josh Persell Family
Andrea Navedo-Pietronuto
The Racunas Family
Colleen Rae volk
Raman and Smrity Randhawa
Raj & Shefali Rao
Rapone Family
Robert and Angela Reynolds
Carol Reznichek
Rice Family
Kim Richardson
Angie and Dan Rimmon
Reed Family
Troy Allison and Robert Roady
Roman-Wilson Family
Josh Rosenstein
Heidi & Gregory Roth
Rosanna Savone/4Real Society
Kai Schaefer
Gunter Schlierkamp
Becky Scholten
Andrea Schwab
Suzanne C Senatore
Estelle and Eric Shaw
The Shepphird Family
Christine & Jeffrey Shultz
Kristin & Barry Silver
Shaun Simmons
The Singer Family
Chris & Jen Snyder
Brian & Denise Solan
The Spano Family
Nisa Spyker
The Eisner Foundation, Inc.
Tracie Stearns
Mike & Autumn Stephens
Sterngold Family
Laura Stevens
The Turcios Family
Patrick & Christine Tasto
The Tophams
Ann Alliegro Torrico
The Tucker Family
Evelyne Ouellet
and Yanick Turgeon
The Turner Family
Tyndorf Family
The Jackson Family
David Vialpando
Vitale/Kerber Family
Vo Family
Paul and Monique Vranesh
Wee Sit Family
Jaki and Jamie West
Whalen Family
Geoff and Joanne Yarema
Amber Ziegler